About Benefits Management Corp.

Founded in 1995, Benefits Management Corporation/Living in Familiar Environments (BMC/LIFE) is a private, non-profit Representative Payee Agency appointed by the Social Security Administration and/or other benefit providers to assist people who have demonstrated an inability to manage their benefits.

Rancho Cordova Office

Services are provided to a vulnerable population with mental, developmental, or physical disabilities. Clients are referred to us by organizations such as the Social Security Administration, Veterans Administration, and community based organizations such as Adult
Protective Services, County Public Guardian and other social service providers.

Account Manager

BMC/LIFE is focused on stabilizing and maintaining critical life needs including food, shelter, and clothing with a goal of enabling the individual to live a full and meaningful life in his/her own community...a Familiar Environment.

Ben Rice

BMC/LIFE accounting protocols ensure daily account reconciliation and the ability to instantly verify the status of checks, which prevents forged or fraudulent checks from being posted to client accounts. The integrity of our accounting and control system is verified through independent account reconciliation by our bank and semi-annual account reviews by an independent Certified Public Accountant.