Representative Payee Services

Young caregiver talking with older women

Our Representative Payee Service brings financial structure, stability, and consistency to our clients and the communities in which they live.

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As an appointed representative payee, it is our responsibility to manage the client’s benefit. We will work with our client to determine current needs and those of the foreseeable future, and use the benefit to meet those needs.

We budget and pay for:

  • Housing and Utilities
  • Food and Clothing
  • Remaining funds can be distributed for personal & incidental expenses

*Important note: Our appointment is limited to a client’s specific benefit and the terms established by the appointing agency.

When you use any of our services you can expect:

  • A consistent and stable level of service from knowledgeable staff
  • Speed and accuracy when assessing needs, building budgets, and processing changes to client accounts
  • A commitment to assisting with successful client treatment plans
  • A commitment to ensuring our clients maximize the resources available to them, so that other county services are available to those with the greatest need
  • A commitment to providing much needed representative payee, direct deposit, debit card and consulting services to vulnerable people for years to come